Paradise Camouflage, 2004

Museum of Contemporary Art
Santa Rosa, CA
July 21 - October 10, 2004

Each moment, marked by tension, rupture, or symphony, is essentially the simultaneous manifestation of discrete velocities. My work is an attempt to visually measure and record these encounters as organized in terms of speed ranging from geographical to infographical (absolute) speed. Each transition in scale is determined by the increasing insistence of virtual over empirical experiences, the Mindscape being the final frontier as the shift in ontology embraces a state of physical inertia.

With promised of infinite variety and random access, our minds are uploaded onto the Database to surf the alternating currents that rush past shifting panoramas, from Alaskan glaciers to Hawaiian shores and alluvial plains. As velocity and sight converge to maximize image capacity, patterns of information scramble and refract, camouflaging meaning and substance. What lies at the vanishing point of such capacity? Will our conscience wash ashore on the wavefront of the Database as the last residue of nature? Will we be engulfed as yet another interface or emerge triumphant as the ultimate figure of stasis in the constant trafficking of energy and information?

Selected Images